About SIMA

Sima Equipment Service

SIMA Equipment Service Co., Ltd. is one professional, experienced trading and service company, we support you to determine the best suitable solution and equipment for your applications. And we never stop to looking for new developments and innovations in world wide. Certainly, we supply the equipment & parts needs of Oil and Gas field and other process industries. We supplied equipment with our experienced team and the direct support from our prestigious partners guarantee the qualified goods and quickest service. As trading and service company, we rely exclusively on manufacturers with ISO and API Certificates as an excellent reputation . With our team, SIMA also couples physical resources with in-depth expertise in risk management. It plays to long-standing partnerships with our customers, who look to SIMA for nimble thinking, creative solutions and an unwavering commitment to reliability.

Geophysical Equipment

If you are looking for affordable geophysical equipment for your oil and gas requirements telecom, power or other industries, then look no further, we are available to handle your needs from start to finish. By harnessing the latest innovation and updated technology we deliver the right geophysical equipment that will meet your demands and exceed all expectations. You will be in great hands with our expert team of proven specialists who will provide guidance and direction. Time is always an important factor to consider. There’s no need to waste time and energy working with amateurs, it behooves you to work with proven specialists who know exactly what they are doing and how to leverage expertise to assist you.

Using the most effective and efficient geophysical equipment allows your organization to accomplish its goals according to plan. It’s always best to work with trusted partners who go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy all customers. We welcome the opportunity to help you accomplish your goals, our access to reliable partners also helps us provide more support to our clients. Please join our list of satisfied customers, it would be our pleasure to service all your needs.

When it comes to the oil and gas sector, the gravity methods of mineral exploration are primarily practical for prospecting oil, gas, and metallic mineral deposits. Gravimeter, torsion balance, and pendulum are the instruments utilized to measure density variations. Magnetic methods are also useful to prospect petroleum and magnetic mine